Road Force Balancer

Road Force Balancer


At 60 miles per hour, an average size tire rotates 850 times per minute. At this speed, slight variations in balance, sidewall stiffness or roundness can cause the wheel to literally slam into the pavement 14 times a second. The ultra-sensitive road feel of today's vehicles gives drivers a hands-on detection of vibration, a warning of potential problems. Unchecked, excessive wheel vibration can result in expensive damages and unsafe driving conditions such as:

                                Excessive Tire Wear

                                Damage to Suspension and Steering Components

                                Unsafe Steering and Handling



A knowledgeable technician with proper training and equipment can diagnose these problems. But, the only way to rule out all wheel-related vibration is with the Hunter GSP9700 Vibration Control System.


Ask our service department for a road force test when you book your next service.