Vehicle Inspection – EN

Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned 112-Point Inspection

Not just any used Volkswagen will make the cut. Our Volkswagen Certified Technicians give every Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen a thorough inspection to ensure it qualifies for our Assurance and Assurance Premium Programs.
Using a checklist of 112 points, Technicians go over each vehicle with a fine-tooth comb. The 112-Point Inspection includes a review of the vehicle's maintenance history, mechanical performance and interior and exterior quality and appearance.
If any aspect is found to be below Volkswagen's Pre-Owned Certification standards, the part is repaired or replaced.

History and Performance

First, a Volkswagen Certified Technician reviews the vehicle age, mileage, maintenance and ownership history, before starting his mechanical inspection.
Once the age and history of the vehicle is proven to pass Volkswagen Certification requirements, it then undergoes a mechanical inspection.

Quality and appearance

Next, our technicians thoroughly examine the interior, exterior and underbody to detect any imperfections.
The final step involves touch-ups to the paint and body of the vehicle to ensure it feels and looks like new.

Why 112 points?

We want to make sure Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen vehicles perform like new.

All Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned vehicles come with a CARFAX Vehicle History Report, so you'll know exactly where it's been and how it's been maintained.